MasonBreese Switzerland

Mason Breese Switzerland is a professional digital transformation company: we create true agility, flexibility and scalability for our clients. Tasks and projects that seem at first glance to be too complex, over technical or too time consuming are where we can help you add value.

Unlocking the untapped

As part of the MasonBreese Group, based in Zurich, Jersey and London, we have an expertise of more than 25 years in Change Management, Digital Transformation, and Regulatory Advisory.

Start saving time with automation, real time data analytics, agile and scalable work environments to improve resource efficiency and effectiveness across your data, process and technology estate.

MasonBreese provides you with the appropriate level of support, resources and expertise to bring your vision to life for a lasting positive impact.

We will help you to achieve operational effectiveness through automation, data management and real time analytics to ensure you see return in your investment.

We are passionate about transformative learning and inspire customers, employees and partners to enable ongoing business and personal growth.

We are internationally experienced and act locally in the DACH region and UK to help you to uncover value within your data and processes.

Our values


We focus on risk, cost, efficiency, seeing and creating opportunity, effectiveness and true impact.


We seek excellence and champion transformative learning through technology and knowledge sharing.


We bring our expertise to help you steer decision making, judgement and create value.

Humble leadership

We listen to each other and encourage open feedback cultures that make trusting and flourishing environments.


Diverse. Flexible. Rewarding.

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